Atlantic High Unveils Crazy Neon Uniforms

A few years ago, the Oregon Ducks unveiled neon-green uniforms to the masses. The colors were retro and the style unique. Then everyone went bananas with the neon green (the Seattle Seahawks adopted a similar color scheme).

But Atlantic High in Delray has taken the neon-colored-uniform thing and unveiled what might possibly be the most blindingly distracting football uniform in history.

Delray 21, a group of community-focused business owners in Delray Beach, donated the new uniforms to Atlantic. And the concept is pretty much what your dog's poop would look like after you fed it yellow and green Play-Doh.

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The uniforms were designed by a company called Futuristic Woo. Of course design is a relative term here. Aside from the cool-looking helmet and wings on the shoulders, the rest of the uniform is a dual color scheme of green and shitty green.

It's all subjective, of course, but to us the uniform looks like as if Hawkman's uniform was dirty, so he sewed Green Lantern's pants to Green Arrow's tights and put that on to go fight the Legion of Doom with the rest of the Super Friends.

Still, how many other high school uniforms are you talking about this morning?

So there's that.

And the unis are already bringing Atlantic luck, as the team dismantled Pahokee 39-0 on Friday when it debuted the neon flash. And in the end, that's all that really matters.

Photos below.

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