Attack of the Gun-Toting Taliban Monkeys!

I don't usually do national (or in this case, international) news, but this video is so astounding that I had to share it with you. It's in Taiwanese, but one of the many beauties of this report is that it can be clearly understood by all -- it rises above language and is, finally, one of the funniest videos of all time. Seems the Taliban is now training monkeys to shoot Americans in exchange for, you guessed it, bananas. It was, I believe, the never-wrong, state-sponsored Peoples Daily in China that broke the story, but the video above was produced by a Taiwanese news outlet.

Ridiculous, you say? A farce? Taiwan, after all, may not have the rigid journalistic standards of the American media. Well, I would have thought so too, but a top and supremely reputable U.S. news cable station confirmed the report and provided more incriminating pictures of photo-shopped gun-toting Taliban monkeys to prove it. Look inside to see the proof.

Don't let the laughter throw you off; that video is 100 percent real Fox news. Here's a link to the actual thing (the clip above was lifted from E Channel's The Soup).

-- In other actual real news, the documentary Outrage, which included an interview with your Pulp host and followed some of my work, was nominated for an Emmy Award for outstanding investigation reporting after being picked up by HBO. Congrats to director Kirby Dick and everyone else behind the film. Well-deserved. 


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