Author of Thieves in the Temple Investigated for Bribery

Andre Eggelletion, brother of corrupted Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion, is a target of the investigation by the Broward State Attorney's Office, according to an article published in South Florida Times.

That revelation appears to have triggered the recent cancellation of Andre Eggelletion's radio program on WFTL. The newspaper reports that investigators are looking into an allegation that Prestige Homes -- the development firm of Bruce Chait, who was arrested with his son two weeks ago -- made a payment of $20,000 to National Jingle Company, which is controlled by Andre Eggelletion.

It would be an ironic twist in Eggelletion's career as a pontificator on public responsibility. That's a theme in two books he published, 2004's Thieves in the Temple and Where the Right Went Wrong on National Security in 2006.

Clearly, prosecutors are curious whether Josephus Eggelletion, who entered a guilty plea to federal money laundering charges earlier this month, gave Prestige Homes something in exchange for the $20,000 the company allegedly gave Andre Eggelletion.

If so, that would sound like exactly the kind of businessman-politico conspiracy that Andre railed against in his book. From the product description of Thieves in the Temple on Amazon.com:

Eggelletion describes how the average American taxpayer struggles financially, because the important decisions about the economy are made not by elected officials, but by a group of businessmen out for profit.

Elgin Jones of the South Florida Times reports that Eggelletion refused to answer questions on the subject of the corruption investigation and that he interrupted a caller who asked about it during his final show Sunday.

Here's a sample of Eggelletion's doomsday predictions from November 2008:

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