Authorities Find 3,600 Pounds of Cocaine on Sinking Boat

Apparently the Goodship Yeyo was headed to Blowtown, USA, because federal agents found themselves a boat with a crapload of cocaine earlier this month.

U.S. Customs, Border Protection officers, and a Fort Lauderdale Marine Unit were called in to investigate a sinking boat that was being reported to have contained drugs.

And, oh, did it ever, with the law enforcement units confiscating 3,600 pounds of coke from the boat.

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Apparently, a good Samaritan saw the capsized boat, spotted all the cocaine inside it, and decided to report it to authorities.

The call came in at around 4:30 p.m. on July 9, according to a report.

The person told authorities he was driving near the boat and picked up a package from it that contained many kilos of cocaine.

Two boats from the Coast Guard station Fort Lauderdale were dispatched to the scene and helped recover the sinking vessel.

Inside the boat, feds found 41 bales of cocaine.

The estimated worth of all that coke: $117 million.

That's a good amount of blow.

No word on who the boat belonged to or how or why it sank. State and federal law enforcement agencies are investigating.

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