Back-to-School Reminder: Don't Get Burglarized While Dropping Off the Youngsters

Every year around back-to-school time, parents dropping their kids off at school return to their cars to find that they no longer have a window or the stuff they left on their front seat.

The smash-and-grab phenomenon seems to continue every year and happened just a few weeks ago at a Fort Lauderdale daycare center -- which ended up with a mom losing a passenger-side window and a $900 purse.

In the past, the cops have said to put up your windows, lock the car, take your stuff with you, and don't be distracted on the cell phone while dropping the youngsters off -- and we'll assume the same rules still apply.

Most of the time, the thug lurks around the corner and watches Mom go into the school sans purse, then goes up to the car and takes the loot, as evidenced by these photos taken less than two weeks ago in Fort Lauderdale:

Also, remember that speeding in the school zone will net you a more expensive ticket, and please try to avoid running over your children -- or someone else's -- because you're chit-chatting on the cell phone.

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