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Bacterial Meningitis Reported at Miramar Elementary School

Fairway Elementary School in Miramar is reporting a case of bacterial meningitis, according to Broward school officials.

School principal Michelle Engram-McKnight sent a letter to parents on Tuesday asking them to immediately take their children to a doctor if they begin to display any symptoms such as high fever, chills or tiredness.

The letter also stated that any student with these symptoms at school would be sent home.

"Students must have a note from a healthcare provider stating that they are no longer contagious in order to return to school," the letter states.

Although not as contagious as the flu, bacterial meningitis can be spread through the exchange of nasal or throat secretions, and typically has a two-to-ten day incubation period.

Symptoms include fatigue, vomiting, headache, stiffness in the neck, muscle, joint, chest or abdomen pain, cold chills, rapid breathing and diarrhea.

Two cases of the disease have been reported this year and eight total cases were reported last year, according to the Broward County Health Department.

Bacterial meningitis is treated with antibiotics. A general intravenous antibiotic is sometimes administered, if needed.

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