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Which begs the question: Why is a lobbyist chairing a public board that oversees $720 million in public funds? NBHD isn't about the good of the people -- it's about money and power and big contracts. And it's not just a Republican problem either. Democratic governors did the same thing long before Jeb Bush ever left Midland.

Thankfully, the FBI got a tip that Forman and Mahaney were involved in insider dealing and began an investigation that led to Mahaney's resignation and her indictment this past June for embezzling thousands of dollars from the district. She recently pleaded guilty and is scheduled for sentencing November 14. While the conviction could land her as much as ten years in prison, sentencing guidelines dictate that she receive 15 to 21 months.

The FBI scrutiny sent Forman under his rock -- he claims to have ended his involvement with the project, though his partner, Murphy, is still front and center. But assistant U.S. attorney Karadbil needs to go deeper. Mahaney and Forman clearly came up with a scheme to pilfer our tax money, and like a dense bank teller from an Old West flick, we're standing idly by and letting it happen. The feds are the only ones who can put a stop to it, since our state attorney, Michael Satz, is a miserable failure when it comes to public corruption cases.

But it's also up to regular citizens to fight this deal. You're the ones, after all, who are paying the price.

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