Bad Week For Boat Captains

Another South Florida boat captain disappears from his vessel, this time due to bad weather rather than a pervert-fugitive. This after yesterday's Sun-Sentinel was dominated by stories about fears running high in the charter boat industry. The disappearance of Lindsay Forde is a horrible thing, but why the hell wasn't he wearing a life jacket? Are they just for civilian sissies?

In other news the North Broward Hospital District changed its name to "Broward Health." I can see why Alan Levine did it: The name has taken a drubbing in recent years in the press for corruption and, gosh, the old name sounds so governmently and clunky-like. Now it can overpay prima donna doctors (legends in their own mind like heart surgeon Michael Chizner) and people might think the waste is subsidized by our tax dollars. Wouldn't it be nice if the district (yeah I'm not going to stop calling it that) would focus less on its botched attempt to take over the private health market and just do what it was created to do: Provide health care to the poor.

And finally, the Miami Herald's Natalie P. McNeal reports that Lauderdale-By-The-Sea looks to be dropping BSO like a bad habit. King Ken is dethroned and now the empire Jenne built is starting to crumble.

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