Baghdad Boy On Havana Hustle

Remember Farris Hassan, the teen who made international news when he snuck off to Iraq last year? Well, now he wants to go to Havana and report on the "loser's of Castro's regime," according to the Miami Herald's Frances Robles on her Cuban Colada blog.

Here's part of a pitch Hassan wrote to several newspapers, including the Herald (which turned the poor boy down):

“When I investigate the communist government-run collectivized farms of eastern Cuba, I will work side-by-side with the field labor, sleep in the same shacks as them, and suffer the same hardships as them, so that I will get to feel life in their shoes as much as possible. When I investigate prostitution in Havana, I will spend several days following the life of an individual prostitute, documenting the little details of her wretched life in the context of the wretched existence lived by all Cubans as they struggle to survive in a system where everyone must hustle for hard currency in the form of dollars and euros. “Such immersion in the world of my subjects will give me the elements—vivid setting, dynamic characters, rich dialogue, personal narrative, story progression by scenes—to weave a great story in extraordinary color. And the entire time I will be reporting for you.”

At least the kid has an open mind.

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