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Baltimore Ravens Admit They Misportrayed Miami Heat Celebration On Twitter

Yesterday, for reasons that still aren't entirely clear, the Baltimore Ravens picked a fight with the Miami Heat.

And then got smacked in the mouth with a little thing called THE TRUTH.

A little background: The Ravens were on Twitter yesterday afternoon and dispatched a fraud of a picture misportraying the Miami Heat celebration like it was an afternoon walk for senior citizens to celebrate the demise of the Miami Marlins.

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This, to say the least, pissed off many Heat fans for any number of reasons. For one, IT WASN'T TRUE. More than 400,000 fans showed up to cheer the Heat along Biscayne Blvd -- twice how many celebrated the Baltimore Ravens NFL Championship earlier this year.

But also, the tweet played on national rumors that Miami Heat fans are soft, that they're fair weather, that if our team was any worse, we'd probably forget about them and go to the beach (which we'd probably do).

But, Baltimore, we simply cannot abide mistruths.

So New Times called out the Baltimore Ravens press office yesterday on their lies.

New Times: "Do you or your media team regret the tweet? Is this something we can expect more of? Was this a product of a misunderstanding?"

Ravens: "Our tweet was to salute our fans, not to slander any other fans around the nation."

So wrote Chad Steele, PR king of the Balitmore Ravens. Then Patrick Gleason, fortunately, filled in the gaps as to what happened.

"We had received the parade picture from some of our fans," Gleason wrote in an e-mail to New Times. "Our post was meant to salute Baltimore fans and display the outstanding support they give the Ravens.

"The post was all in fun and not meant to disrespect the Heat, as we congratulate them for their amazing achievement of winning back-to-back NBA Titles."

Apology: accepted.

For now.

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