Bam Adebayo Threw Down the Dunk of the Season Against the Indiana Pacers

Mid-way through the third quarter of the Heat's Sunday afternoon 109-106 overtime loss to the Indiana Pacers, Bam Adebayo made a split-second decision to turn a leisurely drive to the basket for a gentlemanly lay-up into an all-out assault on a man, and by proxy, his entire family. Bam Adebayo chose violence.

Life is about choices, and in this instance, Bam decided there was a man between himself and two points, so the man had to go. There could only be one.

In what many have called the dunk of the season, Bam jump turned into a character from The Incredibles, elevated, and dunked all over Pacers All-Star center Domantas Sabonis. He flushed the basketball through the hoop with the force of a thousand suns.

Bam did this to this man on a Sunday. That just seems wrong. Entertaining, but rude.

Predictably, the Bam dunk lit up Twitter like Clark Griswold's house in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Because there is nothing the interwebs loves more than a good old-fashioned, made-for-television basketball dunk murder.
While Heat fans all enjoy a good superhero dunk, a win — of course — would have been better. The Heat dropped two to the Pacers over the weekend, making it three losses in a row for a team that had won ten of 11 prior.

The poor play only makes it more likely that the Heat will be active ahead of this week's trade deadline, with Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry being the most recent All-Star player to be linked to the Heat. Acquiring him — or any other difference-maker — won't come cheap, though, as the rumored price is Tyler Herro and then some to bring Lowry, and possibly Raptors forward Norman Powell, to Miami.

For now, we choose to concentrate on Bam Adebayo pulling off some Space Jam dunk shit. That's a lot more fun than harping over all of these losses that are piling up. 
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