Banned By The PGA: The Tiger Woods Fart

Look, I'm going to admit it right now: I DVR'd Tiger Woods' fart.

I was sitting there watching him about to pick up another Buick Open championship and he let one rip. Or he seemed to have let one rip. These things are often difficult to prove, as we all know, but it seemed pretty clear that it was his doing (Woods even gives the tell-tale leg lift at precisely the right time). But people are saying it was actually CBS golf announcer David Feherty. I think Feherty's just a CBS patsy, but whatever the case, I got a good laugh out of it and actually called my wife over to witness it. We'd seen Tiger win a championship, but this was a first (actually it wasn't, more on that later). 

I intend to hit a serious issue with this, but first check out a YouTube video that has survived.


Now here's where it gets serious. The PGA has managed to remove some versions of the video on YouTube, claiming copyright infringement. CBS has also sent YouTube a takedown letter and said it has found that Woods was not, in fact, the feller in this imbroglio. It's absurd and pathetic. As Tiger says after the rip, "Are you serious?"

Anyway, in the interest of thoroughness, I did some research on the history of farting in golf and came up with the video below. It's another alleged Tiger fart, which has garnered more than 1.5 million views. You can hear it at about the 29-second point, as Ernie Els' ball is rolling to a stop. Woods does what everyone does after such a thing happens -- he cracks up. Wouldn't it be cool if the PGA and CBS had a sense of humor, too?


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