Barbara Bush Supports Gay Marriage; Isn't It Time Charlie Crist Does Too?

When Dubya's daughter feels confident enough to support gay marriage, you know the political tides must be shifting. Barbara Bush is making headlines today for appearing in a

Human Rights Campaign video

advocating the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York. She joins celebs such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Julianne Moore in supporting the cause.

But Florida remains in the dark ages on this front. Lucky for us, South Florida is the state's

epicenter for liberal-minded politics and flashy celebs. Which stars would you like to see advocate publicly for gay marriage in the Sunshine State? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Vanilla Ice
This Wellington resident has street cred that makes everyone nostalgic for their junior high school years. Between motorcycle stunts and real estate ventures, he could use his influence for good.

2. Jeb Bush. His niece is doing it. Why not take the plunge and really distance himself from the hard-right absurdity of Gov. Slick Rick?

3. Scott Stapp. Because he's sorely in need of some redeeming qualities.

4. Michael Vick. Karmawise, supporting a humanitarian cause might help him avoid torture in a future life. Or maybe not.

5. Charlie Crist. We've been over this before. He lost the election, he's an Independent now, and the Tea Party-toting Republicans won't be tapping him for a vice presidential slot anytime soon. Time to come out of the closet, Charlie, and do the right thing.

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