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Barbara Walters, "Appalled" by His Demand, Ditches George Zimmerman Interview

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George Zimmerman was going to do a second interview. He was going to have a sit-down with Barbara Walters, according to the New York Post, but she, after flying to Florida to meet with him, left him behind when he made a last-minute demand for a hotel room for him and his wife.

He wanted this hotel room for a month.

"She went down there with every intention of doing an interview, but Mr. Zimmerman made a demand at the last minute that we could not and would never agree to," an ABC news spokesperson told the paper. A source told the Post Walters was "appalled."

As for that first interview, with Fox News' Sean Hannity, Zimmerman reiterated the claim that Trayvon Martin told him "You're gonna die tonight, motherfucker" and revealed that he didn't know about Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law until after he killed Martin. Zimmerman also said the whole ordeal was "God's plan" and who was he to "second-guess."

Trayvon Martin's father responded by telling the AP that "we must worship a different God."

Hannity and Zimmerman both said in last night's interview that Zimmerman was not paid anything for that interview.

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