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Barefoot Bandit's Next Stop: South Florida

Hear that -- the pitter-patter of bare feet? They belong to Colton Harris-Moore, AKA "The Barefoot Bandit," the boy who launched 75,000 Facebook friends with his illegal exploits. He's on his way.

The closest U.S. federal courthouse to the Bahamas (where Harris-Moore finally fell into the long, loving arms of the law on Sunday) is Miami, and that's where he'll soon be extradited. 

He'll only face one charge so far -- something about a stolen airplane in Idaho -- but you can expect the judge to set Harris-Moore's bond somewhere north of the ionosphere. If anyone has earned the middle name "Flight Risk," it's this kid.

Quite possibly, he'll be on a suicide watch -- CBS News is reporting that Harris-Moore threatened to shoot himself in the head when he was finally cornered.

However, his stay here won't be a lengthy one. From a Miami detention center, the Barefoot Bandit will head up to Seattle, where a ton more indictments no doubt await. But it's doubtful that Harris-Moore is feeling much fear: You just know a movie deal is in the works as we speak.

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