Battle of The Judges: Spechler Sues Tobin


[Since this was posted, the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel have done their reporting. Tonya Alanez's article is here and you can read Todd Wright's work on the matter here.]

A little breaking news from the Pulp:

Former Broward County Judge Jay Spechler, who resigned in April after he was banned from the courthouse by chief judge Victor Tobin, is looking for revenge.

Spechler has filed a defamation suit against Tobin who, according to courthouse sources, was served with papers today. I haven't seen the suit yet, but it was authored by Boca lawyer Robert A. Sweetapple. Not sure if the damages Spechler is claiming are specified.

There was never any love lost between the two men, especially since Spechler was long aligned with Tobin's controversial predecessor, Dale Ross. Tobin banned Spechler from the courthouse because of a verbal altercation he'd had with Judge Peggy Gehl during which Spechler allegedly ridiculed her sexual orientation. Spechler resigned ... but now he's back in court to toe off against Tobin.

More as I get it.

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