Bay City Miracle: The School Board Shooting Video

This is the video from the school board shooting in Panama City.

It's chilling to the bone, but one question stands out: Why didn't security guards knock this homicidal idiot off before he got off so many shots? (Gimmesamore in the comments says the guard is a hero and for the record, I don't disagree; just don't understand how the guy even got that first shot off). It's a veritable miracle the shooter didn't end up killing two or three board members (haven't seen shooting like that since the opening scene in Pulp Fiction). He missed everyone before he was shot and then took his own life, lending this horrific scene the best ending possible.

That's Bay City Schools Superintendent Bill Husfelt who is doing the talking before the shooting starts. He did as well under the circumstances as might be imagined (and said "God blocked the bullet" when it was over). The shooter let the audience and female school board members leave. One, Ginger Littleton, heroically -- if ineffectually -- tries to disarm the guy (with her purse!). Here's how it started:

When it's over, Husfelt believes the gun was filled with blanks (it wasn't). Why? Because he couldn't believe he didn't have a bullet in him. Unreal.  

Inside, see Stuart Michelson's memo resigning from his controversial no-bid job as city attorney for Sunrise. He gives a lot of excuses except the real one: The job was finally going out to bid at new Mayor Mike Ryan's urging and Michelson almost surely didn't have the support to be rehired.

Here's the memo:


Bay City Miracle: The School Board Shooting Video



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