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BCS Prediction: Rick Scott Says FSU Will Beat Auburn

While Rick Scott has been taking his sweet-ass time in choosing a lieutenant governor, he sure has been quick to get all up about tonight's BCS Championship game between the Florida State Seminoles and Auburn Tigers.

Scott has managed to make the requisite arbitrary bet between government officials whenever two teams play in a championship of some kind.

He's also apparently gotten into the prediction game, offering the Miami Herald his take on how things will roll tonight.

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Scott says the Noles will win 47-10.

That's a very confident and very specific prediction from Governor Voldemort.

But the man is excited to see FSU represent Florida and bring back some free lemonade with them in the process!

"How many times do you get to be the governor where Florida State's in the national championship?" Scott joked with the Herald's Patrick Nohe. "We're going to have a big win, and I'm going to be drinking some nice lemonade from Alabama. We're going to have a big win; I think Jameis is going to have a great game."

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley says he'll be sending Scott a gallon of Toomer's Lemonade, should FSU take down Auburn.

Scott has agreed to send Bentley some Key lime pie from Kermit's in Key West should the Tigers pull off the upset.

"It's going to be a big win," Scott says. "So I assume something in the high 40s, and hopefully [Auburn will] score not more than ten points. I'll say 47-10."

Again, a pretty specific prediction.

So, we asked Nohe if Scott threw out the score as if he knew what he was talking about or if it sounded like he was just doing that thing where he pulls numbers out of his ass and then calls them facts.

"I omitted several answers," Nohe told New Times. "He somehow got on to tourism statistics at one point."

That sounds about right.

What about Scott's overall demeanor? Was he all serpentine and evil cackle when Nohe asked for his prediction?

"Yeah, he was plucking the feathers from a dove as he spoke to me," Nohe says.

Nohe was, of course, joking.

Or... was... he??

So there you have it, FSU fans. Scott may have just jinxed your team!

Meanwhile, Florida keeps waiting on him to choose a lieutenant governor. Although one political activist has already sued him to do so.

The BCS Championship game kicks off at 8:30 tonight.

FSU is a 10.5-point favorite.


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