Beatty In Charge

Former Miami Herald general counsel is officially in charge as the new owner of the Broward Times. In the article announcing the change, Beatty, described by his newspaper as one of the "one of South Florida's top legal minds," tells us what led to the move.

For the last six years, he had been vice president of public affairs and general counsel for The Miami Herald. But his job was eliminated in November, five months after the McClatchy Co. bought the newspaper from Knight Ridder Inc., and decided the paper no longer needed an in-house lawyer.

“From November 06 to January 07 I did nothing but think about what I want to do when I grow up,” Beatty said.

The answer, he said, came to him after months of thought, research, inner conversation and prayer: Buy a

black newspaper.

Beatty, 55, of Miami Shores, cinched the deal with The Broward Times on April 12.

Former Herald day editor Brad Bennett is running the show as executive editor and he says he wants "Pulitzer-prize winning stories" (should that be "Pulitzer Prize-winning stories"? Sorry Brad but everybody knocks you when you're at the top).

Lead reporter and columnist Elgin Jones, meanwhile, has been named the director of circulation and distribution. That's right, Jones is going to keep doing his reporting duties while also taking over two other depts. The first move he made is making the Times available at 7-11 stores.

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