Arianne Prevost and her trophy.

Beautiful Florida Woman Kills Ugly Florida Gator

​Arianne Prevost, 23, embarked on her first gator hunt earlier this month in the Everglades with her boyfriend and a friend. Prevost, a waitress, missed last year's hunt because she was pregnant (this year she's the proud mother of 10-month-old Baleigh).

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And if the image of this beauty next to this monster isn't impressive enough, it turns out Prevost took down the 11-foot, 450-pound gator with a crossbow. She shot it twice in the back and finished it off with a broadhead.

A local gator-hunting tour guide (who asked that his name not be used because "I don't need any new enemies in this business") suggested this may be some sort of publicity stunt for Prevost's boyfriend's adventure tour company.

"Lots of people have bagged alligators this year and we aren't talking about them," the local guide says. "But people can't resist that picture, a pretty-looking girl holding a giant gator."

He adds, "I've never seen a woman her size cock a bow, aim it, and hit a target in the dark like that," the guide says. "Not because she's a woman, most men can't do that either."

To be fair, a 16-year-old cheerleader reportedly killed another gator in South Carolina. She also did it with a crossbow, though her kill isn't as big.  

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