Because A Regular Wedding Wouldn't Be Uncomfortable Enough

Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it happens 180 feet above a casino parking lot. As if the issue of marriage weren't contentious enough in Florida with all the votes, rulings and appeals, now a straight couple from Boca Raton has decided to flaunt their legal ability to wed in the classiest way possible: strapped into harnesses, suspended over a 24-hour Indian casino.

They probably didn't use the expression "taking the plunge."

Note that in the Sun-Sentinel story, the reporter calls the casino the "Hard Rock," which of course, is several miles to the south.

I know a thing or two about that particular parking lot. It's a good place to spot gambling addicts sleeping in their cars.

Yeah. Classy.

Meanwhile, good people across Florida worry whether the state will one day come take their children, and wonder if the government will ever recognize their right to marry--whether it's over a casino, in an ostentatious resort in St. Petersburg, or maybe even inside a court house.

-- Michael J. Mooney

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