Bedroom Botox Shop Gets Gross in Boca

With a tanking economy and "teentoxing" the hot new fad among youths, South Florida opportunists are cashing in on the emerging underground Botox economy. Considering that "DIY Botox" returns hundreds of Google hits, it probably wouldn't be so hard to get your own little bedroom Botox shop started. The only hitch? When you mess up people's faces with rookie mistakes, they'll do the logical thing and report you.

That was the story in Boca Raton this week: A Botox victim told the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office that Nora Hidalgo injected her with a shoddy dose of Botox. She claims the injections landed her in the hospital with an infected

face. Authorities arrested Hidalgo for practicing medicine without a license and causing bodily injury.

Police released this grisly photo of an unnamed woman who received a bad batch of illegal Botox in Boca Raton. The photo's enough to make your stomach churn, but Botox bloopers like this are old news for some:

"I wish I could say I'm surprised," dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer told CBS-12. "But unfortunately, it's all too common, particularly in South Florida. And I hear these stories and see the consequences relatively frequently."

Botox injections cost about $450 a pop in South Florida, but Hidalgo allegedly offered the treatment for just $300 from her Boca apartment. This isn't the first case we've seen of South Florida beauty junkies trying to get their Botox fix without breaking the bank.  "Beauty Bandit" Maria Chrysson allegedly fled the scene without paying her bill after receiving more than 3,000 bucks of Botox last year in Miami. 

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