"Beer-Bellied Bank Robber" Has Appetite for More Bank Heists

Palm Beach County is being terrorized by the bespectacled bank robber, and now Broward County is haunted by the beer-bellied bank robber, who's hit the same Citibank location in the course of a month. From the Broward Sheriff's Office release:

Once again it seems like the beer belly bank robber has strayed from the golf course and into, what seems to be, his favorite bank for a mid-day heist.

A month ago, on Aug. 22, the man was captured on surveillance video at 12:15 p.m. as he walked into the Citibank at 3660 W. Hillsboro Boulevard in Deerfield Beach, handed the teller a note and walked out with an undisclosed sum of money. This past Friday, September 25, at around 11:30 a.m, he struck again: same bank, same m.o., same beer belly, similar outfit.

Hey, BSO: Maybe you can catch more flies with honey. This is the second time you've ridiculed the fellow's portly physique. You're liable to make him even more body-conscious and, thus, more reluctant to leave the sofa.

Here's an idea: The next time he knocks over Citibank, let's say our suspect is "barrel-chested man whose imposing torso bulged through a stylish golf shirt." Your man will soon be strutting down Hillsboro Boulevard like a peacock, hoping to find a Bonnie to his Clyde. Then just scoop him up.

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