Behold, A Republican In Washington Who Survived the Bloodless Coup!

This is James Martin, but "they call me the mayor of Union Station," he says.  Since retiring from the Bureau of Engraving, Martin has held various jobs at DC's historic train station.  Martin was catching a lot of people's eyes because he was in a city of Obama-lovers wearing a button that said "Proud to Be a Republican."

The 57-year-old says he is a "true conservative" -- "Ronald Reagan pushed me over the edge" -- but also an "Obamacan" -- a Republican that likes Obama.  Martin pointed out that Obama called on Paul Volcker -- who had run the Federal Reserve under Carter and Reagan  -- to head up the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board

Since he is a DC native, we asked Martin whether he had any advice for Obama moving into town: "Yeah," he answered. "Listen to Paul Volcker."

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