Ben Carson Campaign Messes Up Map of USA
screenshot courtesy Boston.com

Ben Carson Campaign Messes Up Map of USA

Last night, the New York Times published a pretty damning story headlined "Ben Carson Is Struggling to Grasp Foreign Policy, Advisers Say." It quotes one of his advisers saying that they tried to "make him smart" but that Carson just wasn't understanding complex international relations. 

Now, we need to worry not just about Carson's advisers on foreign policy but also about his advisers on domestic policy. Or at least on graphic design.  

The campaign released this map in an Instagram post yesterday. (It has since been deleted.) Never mind the content. All those New England states on top of New York? They're just sort of squished into the frame. Connecticut is completely misshapen, Massachusetts is very tiny, and... where did poor Vermont go?  

Kind of amazing from someone running for the freaking presidency of the United States of America. (Or is this some voodoo method of trying to make Bernie Sanders go away?) 

Come to think of it: Have you ever seen Ben Carson and Sarah Palin in the same room at the same time???? Hmmmmm. Please, someone ask the man what newspapers he reads. 

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