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Ben Carson Flashmob Takes Over GOP Summit in Denver

Ben Carson — Florida's other presidential hopeful — was declared the winner of the Western Conservative Summit’s Republican presidential straw poll on Sunday. The WCS summit, held in Denver over the weekend, was apparently a big hurdle for the GOP field to see what its constituents are thinking, where they're leaning, and what they want. This coming off a week in which the U.S. Supreme Court handed the Obama administration an Affordable Care Act victory as well as making same-sex marriage legal.

The WCS is usually taken over by social conservatives. And while the straw poll is more of a popularity contest than anything, that didn't stop Carson — the former West Palm Beach neurosurgeon — from celebrating with a flash mob at the summit.

According to Carson's Facebook page, about 150 members of the Young Conservative Leaders flooded an area at the summit and began a choreographed dance and celebration drenched in patriotism, enthusiasm, and mini American flags. The flash mob also included a blue dog mascot thing, streamers, and Carson himself strolling in at the end, clapping his hands and taking in the moment.

The weekend marks the second time Carson has won the straw poll over favorites like Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Colorado native Scott Walker. 

Carson, who has made headlines with his bombastic views, like comparing gay marriage to bestiality and Obamacare to slavery, was the only Florida GOP candidate repping the Sunshine State at the summit, with Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio not in attendance. 

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