Best Dippolito Blogs

This week's New Times cover story explores the bizarre marriage between Michael Dippolito, a convicted fraudster; and his wife, Dalia, who's accused of trying to have him killed. The Juice has been covering the Boynton Beach couple for nearly two months, so if you're hungry for more details about their lives, check out these blogs:

-- A video of Michael Dippolito telling the police he's not a drug dealer, even though he was once arrested for possession and intent to deliver an unknown drug in Philadelphia.

-- An interview with George Nemeth, an Ohio resident who lost $20,000 in a foreign currency investment scam run by Michael Dippolito.

-- Details about the paternity suit filed against Michael Dippolito by Boca resident Karen Tanne, the mother of his 11-year-old son.

-- Video of Dalia Dippolito explaining to her friend, who was also a confidential police informant, why she wanted to have Michael killed. Hint: "It's not even over the fucking money."

-- Clues about Michael Dippolito's online marketing company, Mad Media Inc., and his mysterious business partner. Dalia Dippolito told an undercover cop that Michael was going to pay the partner $10,000 in cash on the day she wanted him killed.

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