Best Heath Miller Blogs
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Best Heath Miller Blogs

This week's New Times feature story tells the strange tale of Heath Miller, a popular Palm Beach Gardens band teacher who killed a man, then was accused of raping his own middle school students.

For those who want more details about Miller, here's a roundup of the best Juice blogs on the subject:

* Two years before allegations arose about Miller sexually assaulting students,

Miller's best friend and former band booster president, Franklin King, was arrested for child molestation.

* How did Robert Rashard Tomlin go from drinking beer with buddies to breaking into Heath Miller's house wielding a gun?

* The mother of a former Watkins student remembers the "creepy" way Miller and King interacted with female students.

* Many unanswered questions remain about the night Heath Miller shot and killed Robert Rashard Tomlin. Who shot first, and how many times?


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