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Best Mustache in Broward, Palm Beach, Planet Earth: Burt Reynolds

We have some splendid local mustaches, but the only suspense in this week's contest was for readers who forgot that Burt Reynolds is eligible based on his brief residence at a West Palm Beach addiction treatment center. Reynolds lives just north of the Palm Beach County border, in Hobe Sound, but he spent much of his youth -- at least the mustache-growing years -- in Riviera Beach.

What is there left to say about Burt? He was a naturally handsome man, but minus the mustache he'd have never become a matinee idol. Imagine if he'd never bothered to grow one? The world would have never known?

In fact, maybe you need to unlock your own mustache mojo, Burt-style. Indeed, there's no time like the present -- by growing a mustache in the month of November you're eligible for Movember, the charity that raises money for prostate cancer. Let those clean-shaven friends laugh all they want. Your facial hair has a social conscience.

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