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Best Sports Bust: Chad Henne -- An Explanation

New Times Best of Broward-Palm Beach edition is here, folks.

If you noticed that Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne took the cake for biggest sports bust, you might wonder if we're second-guessing our selection of Henne over LeChoke LeBron James.

We're not.

We'll admit, University of Michigan quarterbacks -- sans Tom Brady -- have an extraordinary track record of being miserable in the NFL.

Henne is the career passing yards leader at Michigan, but the next three top passers didn't do so well either: John Navarre, Elvis Grbac, and Todd Collins. Henne is also the school's leader in completions in touchdowns, and those other three are close behind.

But Henne had one thing going for him that's never been done in college football -- he beat Tim Tebow in a bowl game. Henne threw for 373 yards and two touchdowns in the 41-35 Capital One Bowl victory over the Gators.

Then Henne was selected by the Dolphins with the 57th pick in the 2008 draft.

He was mostly benched during his first year, when Chad Pennington led Miami to their first AFC East title since 2000. In his first year as the starter in 2009, he led the club to a mediocre 7-9 record, with more interceptions than touchdowns, and was sacked 26 times.

Then he did it again in 2010, except this time with more interceptions and being sacked more times.

The only thing keeping Dolphins fans happy about the 2011 season is that Henne can't throw the football during a lockout -- and this is the guy who beat Tim Tebow in a bowl game.

LeBron James, on the other hand, didn't come to Miami as a guy who was known for winning big games.

He's got dunks, Sprite commercials, and some other highlight-reel moves. But he was on a Heat team that played (and, of course, lost) in the NBA Championship in James' first appearance with the Heat.

We get it. He's cocky, promised championships, and plays alongside two of the other greatest players in the league, while Henne's best target is a guy who allegedly got stabbed by his wife.

Have you ever gone to a Dolphins game just to watch the great plays Henne makes? No.

Was he in the Bahamas a couple months ago dancing with fake boobs stuffed in his shirt? Yes.

Best Sports Bust of 2011 -- Chad Henne.

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