Current Las Vegas Odds Show Little Faith in the 2021 Miami Dolphins

Sin City didn't build all those expensive casinos by being wrong.
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There really is no offseason for fans. When one sport ends, we turn our attention to the next. It's exhausting, to be honest.

Miami, however, does have a rare chance to catch its breath. With the Panthers and the Heat bowing out of the playoffs early and only
the Marlins and Inter Miami entertaining, we're anxiously waiting for football season in the fall.

So with little else to watch besides one-run Marlins losses, what better exercise could there be than to check out what the sharps in Vegas have to say about the Miami Dolphins' upcoming season? After all, Sin City didn't build all those glitzy casinos by being wrong.

According to the betting predictions site VegasInsider, the oddsmakers are offering 30-1 on the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl this year.  Basically middle-of-the-pack stuff. (For those unfamiliar with wagering parlance, 30-1 means for every $1 you wager, you get back $30 if you're right. Sounds great until you consider that before the start of the season, every team is a longshot to win the Super Bowl.) The gambling site Bovada pins the Dolphins as 15-1 to win their division, the AFC East and places the over/under line on total wins this season at nine.

If you're a big believer in Dolphins coach Brian Flores, well, Vegas is willing to bet on that, too. SportsBettingDime pins him at +1400 to win Coach of the Year. (More betting lingo: Figures like +1400 are known as moneylines. +1400 means you stand to profit $1,400 for every $100 you plunk down if you're right. It's the same as 14-1. A negative moneyline works the opposite way: a -200 line translates to a $100 profit on a successful $200 bet.) Think Tua Tagovailoa will win the NFL's Most Valuable Player award? Well, that's crazy talk, but you can put your money where your mouth is and get 5,000-1 odds on that with Bovada.

If you think Dolphins rookie Jaylen Waddle can win Offensive Rookie of the Year, VegasInsider will take your money. It's got him as the tenth-likeliest to win the award, at +2400. For the Dolphins' second first-round pick, Jaelen Phillips, the odds are +750 he'll win Defensive Rookie of the Year.

So that, in a nutshell, is what Vegas thinks of the 2021-22 'Phins. It's not always right, but it's not often wrong. 
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