Between A Rock And A Blog Place

Everybody knows that newspapers have had a hell of a time "monetizing" the Internet. They are putting more and more resources into it because they know it's the future, but damned if they're making much money on it, which is one reason stock in the newspaper industry has plummeted in the past few years.

So when a newspaper puts a veteran reporter on almost full-time web duty, you have to wonder if they're getting any bucks for the bang. What got me thinking about it this morning was this Michael Koretzky interview with Morning Brew print jockey Sonja Isger (which mentions the Pulp's musings on Isger's blog). She's putting in a solid four hours a day on the thing and I can guarantee you it's not generating half her paycheck in revenues.

But that's the plight of newspapers. They're sinking resources into the Internet, knowing it's the future and that they really have no choice. And they're bleeding money on it. Hopefully the advertising gurus are going to figure out how to make a good profit from page views, because that stock isn't going to rise until they do.


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