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Bible Says Nothing About Nudity Near Church Property, Yet Pompano Couple Is Shunned

The opening scene of the Bible describes a naked man and a naked woman who feel no shame about displaying the bodies that were created for them by God. So why should Americans, who reside in a nation of Judeo-Christian values, be so incensed by a happily married couple frolicking in the nude near a church in Pompano Beach?

OK, they weren't just frolicking -- they were having sex. But the Bible encourages sex after marriage. Shouldn't the church be celebrating this couple's love?

A group from Venice, Florida, the Naturist Christians, may be inclined to do so.

A registered nonprofit, Naturist Christians insists that its group is "Christian in that it is committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the four gospels of the New Testament and the New Testament epistles."

I sorta skimmed those sections of the Bible, but we'll give the Naturist Christians the benefit of the doubt. In the "core values" section of the website, the members say of their group:

It defends the right of all persons to be clothes free, shame free, and accepting of their body as God created it, and of parents to raise their children with those values, seeking a healthy balance of self esteem and respect for the wider society.
Sounds like a group's that's ideal for serving as a star witness in the case against Matthew Rayfield and Diane Orosz.

Unfortunately, there was no answer at the phone number for the group. Nor was there an answer at the number the Naturist Christians gave to the state when they registered as a nonprofit. In fact, judging by recent filings, the Naturist Christians may be in some disarray. The former chairman, Michael Thompson, resigned in June, citing "many complex actions" taken by the group that were "undisclosed to me upon joining the board of directors."

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