Biden Goes to Breeder for Pup, Bypasses Hideous Rescue Dogs

Take a look at the photo of this hideous puppy above, and it's easy to see why Joe Biden went to a dog breeder to get his new puppy. Is this the best you've got, German shepherd rescue groups?

Pictured is Caribou, a German shepherd puppy available right now from Abandoned Animal Foundation Inc. in Coral Springs. That's if you can ignore the "rescued dog" stigma.

What Biden ended up with will surely end up cuter than this pup at a rescue group in Palm Harbor.

Yes, it's hard to look at this

this grotesque pup

that's up for adoption from

Save Pets of Today


After the jump, more dogs that Biden definitely shouldn't have adopted.

Perhaps the reason Biden went with a breeder is that rescue groups are a bit selective and won't adopt out dogs to those who, say, have a bit more smile than substance. German Shepherd Rescue of Central Florida needs a good home for Tito, below, and it's unclear whether botox-obsessed Biden would've remembered to feed Tito twice a day.

Biden apparently drove in a Secret Service caravan to go pick out his breeder-raised pup, and he just may have driven by Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue, the home of this disgusting dog, Charm.

Now if you can stand one more sight of hideous shelter dogs, below is a holiday collage of photos from Tampa Bay German Shepherd Dog Rescue, which can apparently look beyond the fact that these dogs weren't pampered by a breeder from birth.

If you can stand to look at more unattractive rescue dogs, take a look at, which has, right now, 7,464 German shepherds that need a good home. Or you could just go to a breeder.

-- Eric Barton

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