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Big Time in Hollywood, FL: We Review Ben Stiller's New Comedy Central Show

Big Time in Hollywood, FL, Comedy Central's latest sitcom, is neither big time, nor Hollywood, FL. The show, which premiered its first episode Wednesday night, is funny, if you're into dick jokes, ultra-violent gags, and slacker humor. It's a sort of mix between It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Workaholics. What it isn't is local. And while you can find a myriad of reviews for the show's content (which have mostly been positive), we're here to nitpick the one aspect of the show that stands out to anyone who watches it and lives here: It's so obviously not Hollywood, Florida.

It's not even Florida.

And that'd be great and all if the title of the show wasn't, you know, BIG TIME IN HOLLYWOOD, FL.

So, let's get this out of the way: Created and written by Dan Schimpf and Alex Anfanger, the show is funny and entertaining. And we like the fact that it's serialized. Each episode leads into the next with a specific narrative. That narrative is about two brothers who still live at home with their parents — in Hollywood, Florida — and are aspiring filmmakers. Only problem is that they're terrible at making films, and they lack the self awareness to understand that. They swear that Steven Spielberg will discover their talent somehow, and they're bent on doing whatever they have to do to make that happen. Even if it means screwing over their parents and people dying. They're also incredibly selfish and self serving in every way. And that's what makes it funny.

So watching the first episode was entertaining, and fun. Except for anytime they showed exteriors. What is supposed to be Hollywood is very obviously L.A. And that's annoying. Because, screw L.A.

Here's everything that wasn't Hollywood. Florida about the first episode of Big Time in Hollywood, FL (SPOILERS AHEAD):

What the hell is a Cindy's Restaurant?
A quick Google search will show you that there are plenty of diners the producers could have gone with here. Jack's, Moonlight, and Flashback, just to name three. Or, they could have made one up. Instead, they showed this. Cindy's Restaurant which, another Google search would show, is a diner in L.A. Also, look at those palm trees! Those are Washingtonia robusta palm trees. They're very much associated with L.A. We don't have Washingtonia robusta down here. Our palm trees are thicker, more robust and wild. Our palm trees have giant-ass coconuts that randomly fall down at any time because of the wind. Our palm tress can kill people. Stupid Washingtonia robusta palm trees. 

This home is too clean
Look at this house. One glance, and you automatically know it's not Hollywood, FL. Where are all the stray cats humping under cars and in the bushes? Where are the recycling bins overflowing with things that aren't recyclables? That grass is too high. Not because we don't mow our lawns down here, but because our lawns grow five feet the second we're done mowing them. And look at that sidewalk. That sidewalk should be uneven and have more crack in it than Hollywood Blvd. (the Hollywood Blvd. in California). THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.

These cops are, well... this is actually accurate, kinda so, never mind
In a key scene of the opening episode, an actor (played by Ben Stiller, who produces the show) pretending to be a drug dealer is ratted out and finds himself suddenly surrounded by local cops and DEA agents. Things go horribly wrong for the actor because, instead of placing him under arrest, the cops unload all of their guns into him. Then they reload, and unload again. Excessive force, hell yea!! We'd complain but, the writers of the show have obviously been reading New Times' coverage of South Florida cops. Like this. And this. And this. Oh, and this. And, lest we forget, this.

To be fair, the creators of Big Time in Hollywood, FL say they hope to someday actually shoot the show on location. But since this is the first season, and the creators are first-time show runners, and the budget is tight, Comedy Central is probably going to wait. If the show gets picked up for a second season, we could see these guys bringing their crazy down here. And that'll be cool.

Until then... we'll be watching every Wednesday night at 10:30. And nitpicking every single thing that isn't Hollywood, Florida.

You can watch the entire first episode below.

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