Biggest Cupcake: Lamest Guinness Record Ever?

We were all beaming with pride this past weekend when a Deerfield Beach company, Big Top Cupcake, unveiled a colossal confection: a 1,316-pound cupcake that even had a big heart, raising awareness for Think Pink Rocks, a breast cancer charity.

But the reason this is a lame record is that it's doomed to defeat. Consider that the previous recordholder was this one, presented at a car show in Royal Oak, Michigan, on August 16. The 1,224-pound cupcake spent just six weeks in the Guinness Book of World Records. (Video of that cupcake after the jump.)

Plus, this is a category that has seen an arms race of sorts. Consider that just 18 months ago, a 61-pound cupcake was awarded the Guinness record. And just three months ago, the record-holder was a mere 151 pounds. Sorry, Big Top -- at this rate, we'll have the world's first one-ton cupcake before the new year.

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