Birthers Convinced Marco Rubio Is a Cuban Citizen, and Yes... Obama's Still a Kenyan

Pass the tinfoil; we've got more hats to build.

Sen. Marco Rubio is a hot pick for the vice presidential spot on the ticket of several GOP presidential candidates, but according to the birther lab, he's not eligible to be president or vice president because he's not a "natural-born citizen of the United States" -- he's a Cuban, or something.

And that Barack Hussein Obama fella -- he's still from Kenya, England, Indonesia, or Santa's workshop somewhere else that's not America, and it's all part of the government conspiracy.

Charles Kerchner, the lead conspiracy theorist on the Rubio situation, says that since Rubio was born with dual citizenship in Cuba and the United States, he doesn't qualify as a natural-born citizen.

Since "natural-born citizen" isn't exactly defined in the Constitution, Kerchner's interpretation is that it's someone born in the United States with both parents being citizens.

"Senator Marco Rubio has obviously known this for a long time," Kerchner writes on his website. "His silence in response to the American electorate and avoidance to answering the questions put to him over the last year about this issue says a lot about Marco Rubio and indicates that when it comes to his own personal political objectives he is in the progressive school of thought about following the fundamental law of the land, our U.S. Constitution.

Part of his theory -- that "Kenyan" guy in the White House may have had help getting there from the Republican Party.

The leadership of the Republican Party and the RNC is also complicit in this usurpation of the founders and framers intent with the eligiblity clause in Article II Section 1. The Republican Party leadership has ENABLED Obama to get away with what he's done to illegally usurp national power in order that the Republican Party can do the same thing too, i.e., ignore the Constitution when it suits their own political power objectives.

Also, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal isn't qualified either, according to the theory.

Not surprisingly, Alan Keyes is on board with this one:

Click here to see the documents that "prove" Rubio is ineligible.

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