Black Folk, Gays, Wedges, And Such

The Miami Herald today reports on how Mayor Jim Naugle's "anti-gay crusade" is "driving a wedge into South Florida's black community."

Reporter Peter Bailey sets the stage: It's black ministers vs. white gay dudes in a battle royale.

Who are the black ministers? O'Neal Dozier and Mathis Guice, of course. AKA the usual suspects. It's sort of like saying the white community is torn about whether slavery was actually a good idea -- and citing David Duke.

Critical Miami cuts to the core of the article's fallacy in a toute suite post this morning:

"Bullshit. The debate over gay rights drives drives a wedge between the same two groups that it always drives a wedge between — rational people and dogmatic self-righteous assholes who have nothing better to do then tell other people how to live their lives."


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