Blog Not Funny Ha Ha

Rick at Stuck on the Palmetto got going this morning with a rather rancid take on Michael Mayo's column in the Sun-Sentinel about the isolation of gay inmates at the Broward County Jail. His post on the column, illustrated with a bar of soap, ends thusly:

"Hey, if the guys wants to mix with general population, let them mix with general population. Better yet, before they transfer, let's give them some high heels, lipstick, pink tutus and a big, Costco-sized tub of Vaseline."

Yes it's insulting. Yes it's stupid. Yes it's demeaning to a large class of people.

And all that's fine with me. Unfortunately, it's not funny, ranking right up there with Judge Jerry Levenson's idiotic "tight end" remark in court (only without the public's interest being involved). There's your crime.


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