Blogged To Death

I know postings on here have been a bit light, but there's a good reason for it: I want to live!

By that I don't mean that I want to have a life -- gave up on that a while ago (about the time I had my second kid and took up the column). You may have seen the New York Times story last week about how blogging is killing people. As in dead.

The story, by one Matt Richtel, posited that the overwhelming stress of blogging was causing folks to drop like flies. And he had the facts to back it up: Two bloggers had died recently. One of them, Russell Shaw, happened to have been buried in North Lauderdale.

Most people wouldn't see much significance in that since there's millions of bloggers and two deaths wouldn't seem like much. But that's why most people don't write for the New York Times. It takes a very keen mind to take a couple of unrelated deaths and turn it into a trend. Reporters have been paid very mediocre money for decades to turn such tricks.

The key is imagination. Two bloggers died in America within a three-month period? My God, the stress is killing these poor bastards!

And I am, to a degree, one of those bastards, so I had no choice but to slow down considerably.

It will pick up the pace soon, I promise. I'll risk my life for the Pulp (and I'm sure you would too, if the chips were down). But now I have to go, since this effort is really starting to make me feel a bit faint ... what's that tingling in my left arm? ... stay tuned.

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