Bob Norman May Face Trespassing Charge After Cops Label Him "Cocky" (UPDATED)

UPDATE, 2/8/12: Both Norman and Reich are off the hook -- state's attorney spokesman Ron Ishoy says "The Parkland property owners... have agreed that the issuance of a trespass warning to the two journalists is the appropriate course of action in this case. Those warnings are expected to be issued this week."

Prosecutors are considering whether to file a misdemeanor trespass charge against Bob Norman, the former New Times columnist and current Channel 10 investigative reporter. The case stems from Norman's attempt to film a segment at the Pine Hollow Equestrian Center in Parkland.

Ishoy said this afternoon that "our misdemeanor unit is reviewing a case" brought to them by the sheriff's office and that more details may be available tomorrow.

Blogger Chaz Stevens -- who makes no secret of having "no love lost between Bob Norman and myself" -- broke the anonymously sourced inside story, writing that the State's Attorney's Office "is said to be seriously considering the arrest of Bob Norman." Ishoy didn't deny the claim.

According to an incident report filed by the sheriff's office, Norman and videographer Judy Reich entered the equestrian center through a closed gate and began filming at the farm. A stable manager noticed the two and recorded them on his cell phone before telling Gwen Dvorkin, the center's owner.

Then, it seems, Dvorkin jumped in her car and cut Norman off at the pass. From the incident report:
Upon my arrival with Deputy T. Christie, Gwen Dvorkin had used her vehicle to block the path of Reich's vehicle... and all parties were involved in conversation in the roadway. Reich was filming the incident as Norman questioned her repeatedly on the lawsuit pending against Pine Hollow... In my subsequent interview with Norman, he admitted to entering the property without permission and to videotaping the Arena and surrounding property for a story with Channel 10 News.
The event report doesn't mention anything about Norman asking for a lawyer. And under "appearance/demeanor" for both Norman and Reich, the deputy checked the box next to "cocky."

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