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Boca Body Art Tattoo Parlor Owner Accused of Sexual Assault

The owner of Boca Body Art Tattoo Parlor, is facing sexual battery charges after a woman says he massaged her vagina and inserted his finger into her during a supposed vaginal piercing demonstration. 

According to a Boca Raton Police report, Brett Matheys, 50, met his accuser last month when she came into his shop, located at 1807 NW Boca Raton Blvd., with her boyfriend to get her nipples pierced. She told police that Matheys was professional during the procedure. The victim, whose name is being withheld by police, then returned with a friend who also wanted a piercing. It was then that Matheys offered the victim an apprenticeship in his shop, without pay. She agreed and returned the next day.

On her first day, on September 9, Matheys told the victim that she needed to learn the six different vaginal piercing methods and to teach her, she needed to strip from her waist down and lay on a chair in the piecing room, located towards the back of the shop.

It was here, the report says, where Matheys made the victim lay on the swivel chair with her backside scooted towards the edge, with her knees towards her chest. Matheys put on black latex gloves and told the victim that he needed to sanitize her vaginal area. According to the victim, Matheys rubbed the area for a good thirty to forty seconds, and made her hold a mirror so she could watch him explain the different areas of piercing.

According to the report, Matheys demonstrated the piercings one at a time, slowly moving from the top area of the victim's vagina, towards the bottom. That's when she says he inserted his finger inside her and told her she didn't have the skin for a piercing in the area. He also touched her in the area between her vagina and anus and told her that she could get a piercing there as well. The entire "teaching" session lasted about an hour, the woman says.

The victim retrieved her clothes, and Matheys asked her if she felt weird or uncomfortable. The cleaning solution Matheys used on her dripped down between her buttocks, and Mathyes wiped her. The woman says that the cleaning solution burned her skin, and that she had trouble sleeping that night.

On Friday, September 11, the victim returned to the shop as scheduled and asked Matheys if he had an anatomical model of a woman's vagina that she could learn from. He told her that he didn't. and that one couldn't really learn from a model. That's when he took her to the back room for another session, and asked her to strip from the waist down. This time, the victim told police, Matheys did not put on gloves. He padded her pubic area and told the victim she was hairy. He then began massaging her vagina for "an extended period of time," and asked the victim if he wanted to show her where her "g-spot" was. 

The victim says Matheys again inserted his finger inside her vagina, this time without a glove.

The report goes on to say that Matheys was overly affectionate with the victim every time she entered the shop for work. He would hug her and demand kisses. The victim relayed to police that she had been sexually assaulted when she was younger and, as a result, was not an affectionate person. When Matheys noticed her being uncomfortable with his affection, he asked the victim if she had at one time been raped. He continued to hug and kiss her every time she entered the shop, even after this personal disclosure. 

Police say they confiscated video equipment from Boca Body Art Tattoo Parlor, including Mathey's computer. A viewing of the video confirmed the victim's claims of being naked from the waist down in Mathey's piercing room, and showed him massaging her vaginal area.

Boca Raton police brought in Dr. Phillip Colaizzo, the Medical Director of the Child Protection Team of Palm Beach, to watch the videos and assist in their investigation. According to Colaizzo, the cleaning procedure Matheys used on the victim should not have lasted as long as it did, and that a gauze is used to sanitize the area usually. Further, the doctor told police that touching the patient is not necessary during sanitation of the area, and that there is no need to do it several times. Colaizzo also noted that Matheys was not paying attention to the cleaning, and that, in his opinion, Mathey's rubbing was more sexual in nature than sanitary. 

When Mathey's was interviewed by police, he screamed obscenities about the victim, and was visibly angry.

"Matheys was upset about the allegations, the removal of his computer equipment, and his phone," the report says.

Matheys was arrested on two counts of sexual assault and was booked into Palm Beach County Jail. He remains there on $50,000 bail.

Several phone calls to Boca Body Art Tattoo Parlor have gone unanswered.

This is not the first time Matheys has been accused of deviant behavior.

According to two young women claimed in 2013 that Matheys acted inappropriately, particularly with the younger woman, who was 17. The report claims Matheys told the young girl that she should get her "c—t hood" pierced and told her it would look sexy. He also allegedly asked for a hug from the girl and grabbed her buttocks as they left the shop.

Another report, filed in 2014, called Matheys "an unprofessional pervert," and claimed that he had personally taped paper onto her breast to prep her for a tattoo. When she went to get her tattoo from a different artist working at the shop, the artist apologized and said the tape wasn't necessary for the tattoo she was getting. The report also claims that Matheys allegedly told the woman that her breasts were "horrible ugly and gross." 
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