Boca Firm's Spin Job is a Riot

Boca Firm's Spin Job is a Riot

Remember when I told you that a riot at the Pecos, Texas prison run by a Boca Raton company, had ended with a "positive outcome"? I was wrong. That's what I get for relying on the guarantees of the Geo Group, which probably should have delayed claiming victory until after its prison had stopped belching smoke.

Or tell me, Geo Group spinmeister, was that merely prison guards and inmates taking pulls off a peace pipe?

While we're at it, a little trivia: What candidate for U.S. Senate candidate was once employed by Geo Group's parent company, Wackenhut Corporation? Answer after the jump.

The answer is U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek. Of course, Wackenhut is a huge corporation and Geo Group was just one division. Plus, that was in the early Nineties, and there's no evidence that Meek had any role with Geo Group, which has been independent of Wackenhut since 2003. In fact, Meek may have the most political cover if only because he's one of the few members of South Florida's congressional delegation that has not taken big campaign contributions from the Geo Group.

For more on the job that Geo Group is doing in Texas, check out this link, full of allegations that guards sexually abusing inmates, that staff failed to provide health care and violated inmates civil rights.

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