Boca Madam So Far Escapes Media Horde

Somehow, an alleged madam to the stars has turned up in Boca, and the national media has largely ignored it. Michelle Braun is accused of running an online prostitution site that sold the services of porn stars and fashion models. Sounds like a story for Nancy Grace, right?

Well, if you google Michelle Braun, you'll mostly get blogs and chat rooms passing on the same stories. The biggest player to weigh in so far is the New York Daily News, which reported last weekend that it had obtained an FBI search warrant in the case. The paper claimed the document linked Braun to several big names, including Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen, and Courtney Love.

Such details haven't been released so far by authorities. Braun has been charged with wire fraud and transporting a person for prostitution, and yesterday she pled guilty in federal court in California. Her court file includes little details of her alleged crimes. This plea agreement is the most revealing, but even then there's little in the way of facts about her supposed escort service.

And as for her life as a mother of two in Boca? Nobody's got stories on that. So, does anybody out there in Boca who knows Michelle Braun, the supposed madam to the stars?

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