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Boca Man Flies KKK Flag and Noose Outside of Home

A Boca Man is exercising his right to be a total racist by flying a Ku Klux Klan flag and a Confederate flag outside his mobile home (because, of course he lives in a trailer home).

The man is also displaying a "Members Wanted" sign and has a noose hanging in his yard.

Neighbors are obviously outraged at the man, who identifies himself only as Mr. Hayes.

Hayes says that he started flying the flag a couple of weeks ago and tells Local 10 News that the response has been mostly positive. We're guessing the positive response is coming from other racists. Racists gotta stick together, ya know!

When interviewed, Hayes gave the usual rhetoric about how too many races are mixing and that children just aren't white as they used to be and that they're getting gayer every year, or some such thing.

"As many people know, the white families are producing less children because the father and mother work and you have interracial marriages and gay marriages, so there are less and less white children being born every day," the man told Local 10. "So we're against that."

Hayes says he moved from New York four years ago, probably because of all the blacks and gays who live up there, and came to Florida.

He also says that while he does have a noose hanging out in his front yard, he doesn't condone violence.

Unless, of course, that violence is against the blacks and the gays, pffft.

Along with being a total racist, Hayes is also very much lacking in self-awareness, telling Local 10 that people stop by his home all the time to take pictures.

Mainly because people can't believe that someone can be so blatantly racist. Also because he's kind of a hate-monger novelty. But mostly because people can't believe someone can be so blatantly racist.

Still, his neighbors don't like his racist shenanigans one bit and are trying to get him to take down his hateful items.

One report says that Hayes carries around a business card that reads he's a recruiter for the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan and that he hands out literature to the local children to try to influence them to stay white and not be so gay.

"Don't sit there and try to put it off on other people, especially the entire neighborhood, like you're doing," said one neighbor.

But, per rules, Hayes flying a KKK flag is pretty much A-OK.

"I called code enforcement, and they said it's perfectly legal to put up any kind of flag you want," said the president of a homeowners association, although that association does not include Hayes' home.

For now, Hayes will continue to raise the flag every morning and lower it at dusk, saying it's his patriotic duty to do so.

"Hey, nobody stops the Puerto Ricans from flying their Puerto Rican flag or the Jews from having their yarmulke or whatever it is in the holidays," Hayes says. "I mean, everybody is entitled to do what they want to do. That's what this country is all about -- freedom of speech."

That's true. This country was built on the right to be a complete racist asshole. Got us all there, Hayes!

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