Boca News Goes National

The Boca Raton News has taken a couple of friendly poundings in the Pulp these past few months. Check here, and here. Hey, it's all in fun. I mean, we're all family, right?

But now, adding to its shame now is today's announcement in Regret The Error that the little publication has been named this year's "Newspaper Most Distanced From Reality."

It has to do with a little mishap over wrestling impresario Vince McMahon that the Pulp, in its old form, also reported on when it happened. But we'll let the folks at RTE explain it: -------------------------------------------------------------

Newspaper Most Distanced from Reality First, a reporter at the Boca Raton News confused a plot in a wrestling show with reality by reporting that WWE head Vince McMahon was seeking a divorce from his wife. But the mistake was made all the more egregious when the paper's co-editor refused

to correct the report. As the Long Island Press reported:

When Boca Raton News Co-Editor John Johnston was contacted by the Press, he noted that his paper wasn't the only media outlet to make the error. He explained that the reporter who wrote the story had heard the erroneous divorce report from local television stations and included it in his story. He added that the paper would not be running a correction because it's impossible to define what is real and what isn't when it comes to wrestling.

"You can do a correction on a fact, not on a farce," Johnston says.

A farce indeed. Link. -----------------------------------------------------------------

(Via Romenesko)

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