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Boca Raton Is the Best Florida City to Live In, Study Says

Financial sites, real estate blogs, and other websites that delve into figuring out the best places in the U.S. have been coming out and naming Fort Lauderdale to the top of their many best-of lists lately.

But one site has come out and bucked the trend, naming Boca Raton the best Florida city to live in.

That's right, Fort Lauderdale. You can keep your best downtown, most exciting city, and sexiest city. Those are all fine and good. But when it comes to actually living somewhere -- especially somewhere where you probably won't be murdered -- Boca takes you to the hole!

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CreditDonkey, a credit card comparison website, dove into the numbers and broke down the stats to determine the best cities in Florida in which to live.

Statistics were taken from multiple sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau population estimates, American community survey, economic census, and uniform crime reports from the FBI.

Using the numbers from these sources, the website then broke things down into five categories:

1. Odds of Being a Victim of a Violent Crime: Because being murdered sucks. 2. Commute Time: Being stuck in traffic on the way to and from work might be worse than being murdered. 3. Income: Know what doesn't suck? Money. 4. Residents Who Attended Some College: Going to college is the best way to make a lot of money. 5. Restaurants Per Capita: Once you make that money, you go and blow it on overpriced food!

The numbers were crunched, and the verdict is in: Boca is the best.

Among the cities in the study's top ten, four are from the Broward-Palm Beach areas, including Delray Beach (#7), Davie (#6), and Coral Springs (#2).

Not in the top ten? Fort Lauderdale. How's that taste, Fort Lauderdale?

The reasons Boca tops the list: The odds of being a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 527, while the average commute time is 20 minutes. And there is one restaurant per 236 inhabitants, which means you might be dining alone a lot, but at least it took you only 20 minutes to get to the restaurant. And you won't be murdered when you come home from dinner.

From CreditDonkey:

Nicknamed "A City for All Seasons," Boca Raton is our number one pick with low crime rates, short commute times and well-above average incomes. Whether you're interested in soaking up the sun at nearby Delray Beach, playing a round of golf or hunting for deals at the Town Center shopping mall, Boca Raton offers the best of the best for residents and visitors alike. You also have your pick of nearly 400 restaurants, featuring choices ranging from Creole to Cuban.

CreditDonkey also closes things out with this nugget: During World War II, the Boca Raton Army Air Field was the Air Corps' only airborne radar training facility.

Drop that little factoid at your next cocktail party.

Here are the top ten places to live in Florida rankings:

1. Boca Raton 2. Coral Springs 3. Pensacola 4. Port Orange 5. Jupiter 6. Davie 7. Delray Beach 8. Clearwater 9. Cape Coral 10. Jacksonville

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