Boca Raton Lingerie Model Accused Of Six Counts Of Arson

A Boca Raton "gothic" and lingerie model set fire to five cars across the suburbs, authorities say.

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office told the Palm Beach Post that Rose Cohen, 18, and pal Christoper MacDonald lit across a neighborhood near Powerline Road and U.S. 441, where they also allegedly razed a mailbox.

But that's not the fun part. What is?

Cohen's a lingerie model! Hooray for Florida!

She says she's swimming in tattoos and tongue piercings. But don't take her word for it. Check out the proof via Facebook:

Cohen has way more to offer than her these pictures and alleged acts of arson, however. She's "writes a lot of poetry and is pretty easy to talk with," she says in her Model Mayhem profile. "So," she says, "I'm Rose, but the question is who are you? And would you like to give me the chance to be your next big thing?"

We'll see, Rose. We'll see.

But such pictures have engendered a smattering of a following. More than 1,500 people have "liked" her on Facebook. And if Victoria James -- formerly known as English teacher Olivia Sprauer -- is any precedent, a bit of notoriety is a great jump start to a modeling career.

Requests for comment placed with the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office weren't immediately returned.

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