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Boca Raton Parkgoers Run Into Nine-Foot Alligator

So, you're taking a nice stroll in the park and decide to head on over to the soccer field to kick the ball around, maybe get into a quick pickup game and O MY GAWWWD THERE'S A HUGE FRIGGIN ALLIGATOR ON THE FIELD!!


Yes, people in a Boca park ran into a nine-foot gator on the park's soccer field.

According to the Boca Raton Police, some folks walking around Lake Wyman Park spotted the huge gator on the soccer field.

Cops were called to the park at 1500 NE Fifth Ave., and, sure enough, there was the alligator, being nonalligatory by hanging out on a soccer field and scaring the shit out of people.

Police called in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which sent handlers and a trapper.

The FWC handlers were able wrangle the gator and tied it up like some S&M dude and loaded it into a truck.

The gator was likely released into the wild, where it will tell his alligator buddies that soccer is, indeed, a lot more fun to play than to watch. Also, people really freak out when an alligator tries to play soccer.

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