Boca Raton Pastor Protesting Casino Proposal, Believes It'll Just Bring Hookers and "Evils"

Mark Boykin, a pastor at Boca Raton's Church of All Nations, isn't too happy about Republican State Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff's filing a bill to allow Vegas-style casinos in South Florida.

After citing hookers, crime, "evils," and some stuff he found on the internet, he's planning to show up to Bogdanoff's office with some people and act angry.

"I believe that everything that happens in Vegas must stay in Vegas, and we do not need the kind of crime, prostitution, and others evils associated with gambling to expand in Florida," he says. "For decades, we have cultivated a family-friendly, vacation-postcard image here in Florida, and Sen. Bogdanoff's bill will destroy it."

As for the stuff he found on the interwebs, he says ranks three Las Vegas neighborhoods in the top 20 "most dangerous neighborhoods" in the US of A.

We bring this all up because Boykin has taken part in some very important protests in the past.

In September, Boykin started protesting Gov. Rick Scott. There may be many reasons to do so, but Boykin's takes the cake -- he says the governor's stock portfolio includes "a company that sells pornography to Latinos."

Yes, really.

It's not exactly clear whether he's protesting the pornography or the fact that "Latinos" are being sold pornography, but we're guessing it's the naked-pictures part.

He carries on all the antigay and anti-abortion rhetoric too, and of course, he was around during this summer's Margate mosque protest.

Right, the casinos.

Boykin's getting gloomy because he supported, held a fundraiser for, and voted for Bogdanoff because she was the "family values candidate," but now she's letting all the hookers and "evils" in.

"It's a Florida nightmare to think that politicians like Sen. Bogdanoff want to bring down a 10.6 percent unemployment and $2.6 billion budget cuts this year by bringing Las Vegas-style gambling to Florida," he complains. "It won't work, and it will hurt our economy and more importantly our family-friendly vacation status."

Well, if Boykin read the Pulp, he'd already know the claims that the casinos would hurt the economy have already been debunked as "bullshit."

The protest is on Tuesday.

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